Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Find-A-Grave - Transfer Free Form to Source Template

Another in the series of results from or about the Find-A-Grave website. 

There is a problem here, based on the previous blog posts on this topic. That is, when the Web Merge was done, the Source was a generic, Free Form Source for Ancestry.com. In my file(s), I want as many Sources in the Template, or Evidence Explained! format. May be this is picky, but the output is so much better, for me at least.

What we have so far is a Free Form Citation. To Move that citation into the Template. Return to the Source and Citation that came from the Web Merge in the Left panel and selecting that source, then clicking on the Down Arrow in the Right Column, the Template is then selected. In this case, Web; Ancestry.com Maine, Find A Grave Index, 1777-2011 (create in another blog post

Find-A-Grave - Create Source Template

The Free Form citation will now be in the Template Format. BUT, there is data in that Free Form screen that needs to be moved into the Template.

Note: the order of filling out the Citation Details and the Citation Text is not important. I did it in this order for someone who may not have created a Template before.

To move the Free Form to the Template form

Right clicking on the Old Citation, will being up a window on the right, and select Replace Citation.


This will bring up the list of Sources, where we want to select Web: Ancestry.com; Maine, Find A Grave Index, 1777-2011 again.

Where we select the Template Citation.

You will be asked "Are you sure" and give you the old and new, so the answer would be Yes if this information is correct.

The new Template Citation is now as it should be. The free form information is now present AND the link to View the Online Source is still here. The Reference Note is now as it should be.

The Reference Note will now look like this:
Ancestry.com Web, "Maine, Find A Grave Index, 1778-2011", database, Ancestry.com (www.ancestry.com) online; accessed: 17 Sep 2012. index for John Carroll.


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