Friday, September 21, 2012

FTM2012 - Restore from BackUp, Including Restored Links to AMT

Family Tree Maker released a new patch (704) that includes the ability to Restore a file, where the original file had been linked to an Ancestry Member Tree (AMT). Until this patch, a new tree would have to be created on Ancestry, and all invitations would have to be re-issued and the New Tree would be created. This update, allows us to Restore the File, WITH the Option to re-link the restored file to the Existing AMT that was included with the file that was backed up.

I had done a File, Back Up to my existing FTM2012 file, which was linked to my AMT.

This is very helpful, if the computer crashes or some reason where the file has to be restored.

Go to File, then Restore.

 A new window is the opened requesting the file to be restored. I keep my back up files on an External Drive (J), I navigate to that drive and select the file (FTMB)

 Once selected, it will ask for the new filename to be used. That is entered. I save my Family Files in the 'default' My Documents / Family Tree Maker folder on my computer.

 The new file will be created AND the Media Folder associated with that file will also be created and all of the media files will be included.

The Restore Options provide "Restore sync files". Entering a check mark is the action to take.

 The Sync Process works as it normally does, using the TreeSync™ process. This action would be transparent to anyone you had shared that AMT with.

In my example, the filename is:


the AMT name is



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