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Find-A-Grave Citations - From Find-A-Grave

Continuing a series of blog posts on how I cite information from the Find-A-Grave website. This blog post started with following a Shaky Leaf, and citing the information found on Ancestry.com. It's really an index entry from Ancestry, but can lead to information on the Find-A-Grave website:

Find-A-Grave Citations - from a Shaky Leaf

As mentioned, the steps described may not be needed, but it also included how to Move a Free Form Citation to a Template, and how to take the content of that Free Form Citation and make it a Template Citation.

This blog post is a follow up to that, where clicking on the link from the Shaky Leaf, to the Find-A-Grave website, and how I cite these findings.

This is the page that the link from Ancestry took me. It's on Find-A-Grave.com. There is some data and a picture.

The Lurvey Cemetery, in Maine. There is some information that I didn't have before.

The first thing that I do is to Hi-lite and Copy the Name down to the Find-A-Grave Memorial Number.

I want to record what is on that page. I will paste it in a Find-A-Grave FACT that I have created in FTM2012, in the Fact Notes. Clicking on the Green PLUS (People Workspace, Person View, Facts tab), will bring up the list of Facts, where I scroll down to the Find-A-Grave fact that I had created.

I select the Notes Tab, for Find-A-Grave, and Paste the information there. I will then Edit out un-needed information from the Paste. The Contributor information is very important and I keep it here. More on that later.

This information is for me, for help documenting dates and relationships that my be included on the Find-A-Grave website, so I will Mark this Fact as Private. Either clicking on the Lock ICON, or the Options menu will offer that option.

The Find-A-Grave Memorial Number is entered as the Fact Description. The number, for me, is important for making Links on the Find-A-Grave website, as appropriate. Again, that fact is private and for my information.

The next step is to create a Source, for the Compiler that is shown above. Going to the Sources Workspace, Add, New, selecting the keyword CEM, as shown in the earlier blog post (link at top of the page), this is the Source information that is entered on the Template.

The compiler's name, and the Find-A-Grave Website is entered. This information comes from what has been pasted in the Fact Notes.

This is the citation that is created.

For the Citation Details, I put the Persons full name, as I know it, the (YYYY-YYYY) formatted date followed by "Find-A-Grave Memorial # .....; accessed dd mon yyyy. and in the Citation Text I copy and paste the Created by information from the Fact Notes. The Citation Text is NOT included in the Reference Note.

Now to link the Citation to the person, based on the existing data found. Existing Data is important at this point. This will put Citations on those Facts that are on the website.

In this case the Death Date and the Find-A-Grave facts are included. On the Citation screen, the Source tab at the bottom, and selecting New will bring up the screen below, where you scroll down to the person in question, then selecting the Fact. IF more than one Fact, as below, the CTRL Key is used to select the additional facts.

Returning to the People Workspace, Person View, shows the additional information. Any new Facts can be added here. Selecting the Citation added to the Find-A-Grave Fact, that is related to this Compiler, and click Copy, will allow you to go to any New Facts that came from Find-A-Grave, such as the Burial Ground. That was added below, and on the Source Tab (on the right), selecting the bottom option, will paste that citation to this new fact.

Below is what the Citations looks like. (from the Sources Workspace, or double clicking on the citation.

Selecting the Death Date, Burial Fact, and Find-A-Grave will show this same citation.

At this point, there are no media files linked to this citation. Follow up posts will show what media files, may or may not be linked to the Citation. That depends on the source of the media file. If I have taken a photo, I will link that to the Fact, with a specific Citation. Photos from the Find-A-Grave website will not be used at this point in time, as there isn't a feature to hide Media files on an Ancestry Member Tree.


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