Friday, September 21, 2012

FTM2012 - SyncLog - Change in AMT

To demonstrate and the SyncLog, where a change was made in the Ancestry Member Tree (AMT). Followed a Shaky Leaf in the AMT and merged that data into the AMT.

 This is the screen at the conclusion of the merge in the AMT.

On the next TreeSync™, the SyncLog will look like this.

This tells me WHO made the change in the right column, and what was added or changed is to the right.

As I have my standards, I now know what I need to update. For example, there was a Census Record. I want that free form citation, put into the Census Template. This becomes my worklist to update my FTM2012 file, which will upload the next time I SyncNow.


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  1. Russ, again, another neat new feature that Family Tree Maker for Mac doesn't yet have. Here's hoping they're working on an update for us Mac users.

  2. Russ - another great idea. I often avoid making changes in my AMT because I want to be able to "work" (clean up the source, add the rest of the facts, etc.) the items I've found. I hadn't considered using the new report as a working or to-do list for updates made to my AMT while I was working remotely.

    Have you tried this with making a change on the iPhone or iPad app? My guess is, since it's going through the AMT, that the change will look just the same as what you've shown here.

    Thanks again!

    1. Michael,

      Actually, the change I made, in the example here, WAS made with my Smart Phone. I was on the road, so when I did the TreeSync™ when I got home, I printed that report for my clean up. Worked as expected.

      What is nice, is that IF more than one person worked on the AMT, I will know who did what.

      Hope that helped.



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