Friday, September 21, 2012

FTM2012 (704) - Place Name Hierarchies - Resolve Addresses

I don't know about you, but I have a lot of Street Addresses in my Database. I mark them all Private, but they don't (or should I say had not) fit into the Place field in the past.

The the update to FTM2012, this issue has been resolved. This example has 4 street / complete addresses. In the Past, I had to Ignore the Place Name warning. Also, note the "Lock" on the left of the Address Fact Name. That is an indication that the fact is private.

Selecting the first entry, will put that information into the Right Panel. At this point, there the warning ICON is NOT there, because I had ignored that warning. However, clicking into that field, the Pencil (edit) ICON will appear to the Right, clicking on the ICON will open a new window. Please note what that window says:

Place detail (historical name, address, church, cemetery, etc).

 The item is selected. Just below that Place Detail text, on the left are two arrows. The top pointing down, and the bottom one pointing up. Will click on the bottom arrow. That will take that first part of that address entry and move it to the upper Place detail field.

 So, the Address is in the Place Detail field and the City remains, with the Place Name authority below that. Clicking on Replace, that will replace the "new" place name with the Place Name authority Place name.

Now in this case, there were 4 such entries for that address. You CAN, although I don't to that, as I prefer to do one entry at a time, update those 4 entries.

 The Result is the New Place Name, with the Pin AND the Full Place Name in the full Hierarchical format. State, County, City, Address, in this case.

 Looking back to that first screen, the first entry has not been updated and the address is in the new format.


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