Friday, September 21, 2012

FTM2012 - (704) Improved Sync Log

With the most recent update we find:
Improved Sync Log—The TreeSync Details log can now be printed and now shows the names of people who made each change that is being synchronized to Family Tree Maker from Ancestry Member Trees.
This is really handy, useful, gives us the ability to see what was done, either in the Ancestry Member Tree (AMT) or in FTM2012, to see what has been changed, and in the case of an AMT, who made the change.

I have my TreeSync™ feature set to manual. I do that, so that I can Back Up my file, and use the Compact File utility. Clicking on the Tools menu, selecting Compact File, will offer the Back Up command. After that is done, is the SyncNow. Clicking on that will begin the process. Before the sync happens, we are given a summary of what has been changed.

 Clicking on the View / Print Details will provide the information behind the numbers that are on the above screen.

 This shows exactly what was changed. As a matter of practice, I Export of a PDF file on each log.

 I just add the Date to the end of the suggested filename, in the YYYY-MM-DD format.


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