Thursday, September 20, 2012

Find-A-Grave - My Memorial

As a contributor to the Find-A-Grave website, I will create a Source Template for me as the Compiler. Creating the Source Template is the same, going to the Source Workspace, clicking on Add, New, and entering CEM as the Keyword for the Cemetery Derivative. Surname, First Name, then Find-A-Grave entered twice,, the year and the Citation Detail structure to be entered into the Citation Details. In this case:

[ fullname ] ( yyyy-yyyy ) - Find-A-Grave Memorial #

Going to the Find-A-Grave website, you will see something like this.

In the lower left corner is the Contributor Information (name), the Date that the memorial was created, and the Find-A-Grave Memorial Number. That part of this screen will be copied, or from other blog posts, it can be copied from the Find-A-Grave Fact Notes screen.

That information will be pasted into the Citation Text field, but NOT included in the reference Note.

The information in the Citation Detail field is the information from the Source Comments field or: [ fullname ] ( yyyy-yyyy ) - Find-A-Grave Memorial #, where the full name, birth year and death year is entered, the the Find-A-Grave Memorial # copied from the Citation Text.

The Citation Text will not have a check mark, as it is not needed for the Reference Note. 

In the lower right of that screen are the links to the Facts that came from the headstone.

Since I created the memorial and I took the photograph, I will add that photograph to the Citation Media tab in the lower part of the above screen, slightly to the left. Adding the New Media file will put a link of that photo graph to the Citation. I use a COPY of the original image within FTM2012.

As before, the Reference Note is copied from this screen and pasted into the Media Description field for that image.


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