Sunday, September 23, 2012

FTM2012 (704) - Place Name Hierarchies - Historical Places

Another new feature in the 704 update, was the ability to move our Historical Place names into the new Hierarchical structure of Family Tree Maker. I have a bunch of them, that I marked as Ignore in the past. Now I can put them into the new format. That doesn't mean that I have completely ignored them, but have a better chance of placing them on a map in a historical view, over a current map.

I have a lot of ancestors in "historical" Maryland. There were parishes and I have recorded them in that manner.

When selecting St. Anne's Parish, Maryland, there is a warning in the center panel. There maybe options and other screens, depending on the location and how you entered the data.

 In the past, this entry was ignored, so there is no ICON to the Right of the Place Name. However, clicking on the field, in the Right Panel, the Pencil ICON will appear and the new Pop-up window will appear.

In an earlier blog post, I mentioned what the last paragraph said:

Place Detail (historical name, address, Church, Cemetery, etc.)

Before proceeding, I suggest that you Back Up your file (File Menu).

 The existing Place Name is in the lower field, but by clicking on the UpArrow to the left of that place name, FTM2012 will move the information up to the first comma, into the upper field. So St. Anne's Parish is not in the upper field, and I can now put Anne Arundel Co., Maryland into the correct format for the Place Name authority. You will not, that since my existing file had Anne Arundel Co., Maryland, USA in the file, it is presented. I don't want that, so I select the correct format (without the Co.,)

 Clicking on Replace St. Anne's Parish is now is the Hierarchical format.

Looking back at the "old" format, there is another entry. So this process is repeated.

Since I have already made the new entry, I RIGHT click on the Old Place Name and select Replace With Other Place Name, where I select the one just created.

 Watch carefully, what you create and what you replace the old format with selecting the new format.

 You will be asked "Are you sure..." and Yes is the correct answer.

Lot's of clean up to do.

Note: I do suggest that you run the Compact File AND the Back Up frequently, as you clean up your file.


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