Sunday, September 23, 2012

How to Display Data ?

I have been thinking about the ways we can display our data, usually for ourselves. For example, the 1940 Census.

My family lived in a town, with about 36 of them living in this same town. FTM2012 is great for generating reports one where folks lived, and with the new hierarchical format we are able to gather and see them together.

For example, this is a Report for the 1940 Census Records that I have in my database. I have blogged about this before, on how to create this report.

 With the new update, to FTM2012, we now can see these addresses in a new format. I should mention, that IF the 1940 Census had the street address, I added an Address entry but make the Address Facts private.

I have moved all of my Addresses into the new format and here is a screen capture of what that looks like.

 I haven't displayed the full address, but you can get the idea (that column can be widened to see the full address.

BUT, that isn't a good visual presentation on how close or how far those places are, in relationship to one another.

I took the data and created a Google Map for presentation of the same information. Zooming in on the map, and moving around a little, you can see houses, zooming in and out you can see how close the "family" lived in 1940. There is information with each of those houses.

View 1940 US Census Households in a larger map

This is great on displaying the information that I do have, but how to I identify that data that I don't have. Hmmmm

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