Tuesday, September 25, 2012

FTM2012 - Specific Source Useage Report

As a follow up to Randy Seaver's recent posting

Creating a Specific Source List Report in Family Tree Maker 2012 

It appears that I miss read what he was after. I had picked up on the clean up aspect of what I was working on, and missed Randy's task.

What I was trying to do, was far more complicated then Creating a Specific Source List Report.

Going to the Source Workspace, selecting a specific Source, there is a Printer ICON with two options. One of which is a report for this specific Source. 

 For my specific example, I chose the 1940 Census Record for Pennsylvania, Chester County. That was the same Source used in my earlier post.

FTM2012 - Source and Citation Clean Up

 It lists all of the Facts, that had citations from this specific Source (Chester County, Pennsylvania). In this specific case, I have 12 pages of Facts from 15 Citations from that one Source.


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