Friday, September 21, 2012

FTM2012 (704) - Place Name Hierarchies - Resolve All

With the 704 update, we may find that our Place Names have become UnResolved. From the best that I can tell, this is to remind us to put the Place Names into the Hierarchical format.

But, and old friend, feature, will help us out, at least getting most of our formerly resolved place names into the new format.

Going to the Place Workspace, and the ICON on the right of the List of Place names (Resolve All), clicking on that will bring up a reminder to Back Up your file. Please take that offer.

After the back up this screen will be presented.

The first two hi-lighted places are the correct Place Name, but USA was missing. Must not have caught that before. So, putting a check mark in the 2nd column will update those places.

I have 1,382 Place Names in my file. There were 337 Places to be resolved.

 On of the places really belonged into the Description field, so a check mark in the third from the Right box (Description). That will move the information in the Place field to the Description field.

 At the end, I ended up with 301. I will leave them, as looking at the list as I went through, more research was needed. Some were still Historical Place Names.

More on that will follow.

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  1. The Places hierarchy has always been troublesome since place names have changed. How do you handle historic places in the hierarchy system?

    1. Dave,

      Thank you for your comment. I will post a Historic Name later today.



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